Doctoral students

  • ABOUSSIKINE Hind, "Modeling the performance of supply-chain and sustainable mobility services involving hydrogen", directed by Thierry SAUVAGE

  • AL MALLAH Mohamad, "Towards an effective organizational change: the case of an ICT company in Lebanon", directed by Laurent CAPPELLETTI

  • ANELONE Heiblein, "Modeling and management of operational performance following the automation of a process", directed by Laurent CAPPELLETTI

  • ARIRI Abdeslam, The impact of technological change on the structure of financial markets, directed by Iryna VERYZHENKO

  • AWAD Liz, "The roles of stakeholders in the implementation of a public policy of integration: the case of Syrian refugees in Lebanese public schools", edited by Madina RIVAL and Marie-Astrid LE THEULE

  • BARRY Moussa, "Sustainable development practices in SMEs: the case of Burkina Faso", directed by Christophe Estay

  • BASSI Charles, "Organizational impact of accreditation in higher education - The case of European management schools", directed by Stéphanie Chatelain-Ponroy

  • CANVEL Mylène, "The management of paradoxes in a public hospital", doctoral contract, directed by Marie-Astrid LE THEULE and Alice ANBERRÉE

  • CHERKAOUI Sarra, "What contribution can the hidden cost method make to decision-making in human resources management?", directed by Laurent CAPPELLETTI

  • DEBERGE Thierry, "Contribution to the measurement of the value creation of the unlisted firm", direction Hubert TONDEUR

  • DE MALEVILLE Victoire, "The impact of new consumer expectations on the choice of a tourist destination: the case of sustainable tourism", directed by Stéphane Bourliataux-Lajoinie and Benoit Petitpretre

  • DESGRES Mathilda, "Proposal of an integrating model of management of the sustainable innovation created by the purchasing function", directed by Thierry SAUVAGE

  • DEVAUX Thierry, "The integration by the dialectical approach of a change imposed by the regulation in a high reliability organization (HRO): the case of the direction of the information systems of a bank of financing and investment.", directed by Anne ROUBELAT

  • EECKE Laurent, "Reduction of health inequalities in New Aquitaine by improving the general organization of an occupational health service in the Dordogne region", directed by Jean-Marc MACE

  • EL IDRISSI Meryem, "Normative construction and conditions of harmonization of CSR reporting", directed by Karim MEDJAD

  • ELLAJI Abderrazak, "The concept of contribution in kind in corporations", directed by Maria-Béatriz SALGADO

  • ELOUASSIF Amal, "Climate change and displacement forces in Africa: prospective, stakes and institutional considerations", directed by Philippe DURANCE

  • EL HABTI Hicham, "Innovating at the university: the case of Mohammed 6 Polytechnic University (UM6P)", directed by Gilles GAREL

  • GERGESS Roula, "Why do women entrepreneurship? Women entrepreneurship in the Lebanese context", directed by Marie-Astrid LE THEULE

  • GAOUA Thérèse, "The motivations of volunteers: the influence of the field of activity of the association", directed by Mathieu NARCY

  • HOCINI Kamel, "The impact of high frequency trading on the stability and efficiency of financial markets: a study of complex and chaotic systems (options market and derivatives)", directed by Catherine KARYOTIS

  • KHERSIS Eric, "The decline of the rules of tax procedure", directed by Christophe de la MARDIERE

  • KOUKOUI François, "Construction process of a strategic tool for quality improvement: experimentation of the patient experience in a French public hospital", directed by Sandra BERTEZENE

  • LEGRAND Cédric, "Impacts of the commitment of aeronautical maintenance technicians on the performance of the maintenance in operational conditions [MCO] of military aircraft: case of non-commissioned officers mechanics of the air force and space in France in 2021", directed by Laurent CAPPELLETTI

  • LENGAGNE Olivier, "Corporate social responsibility, ethics and paradoxes: application to hospital organizations", directed by Anne ROUBELAT

  • LEON Quentin, "The budget allocation process in the public sector: a lever for strategic alignment", directed by Stéphanie CHATELAIN-PONROY

  • LEVY Dan, "Is tax auditing of nonprofit organizations a discretionary law enforcement tool like any other?", directed by Christophe DE LA MARDIERE

  • LUC Bérengère, "Medical wandering among patients suffering from tick-borne diseases, a political, psychological, scientific and economic issue", directed by Jean-Marc MACE

  • MARTIN MORO Lola, "The Prison Life Index - Design and study of a composite indicator for the evaluation of state prison policies", directed by Jean LAINE, Meltem OZTURK and Florence LAUFER

  • MAWLAWI Hani, "The impact of the academic and regional context on the success of emerging entrepreneurs - The case of Lebanon", directed by Mohamed BAYAD

  • MOUHSINE Manal, "Artificial intelligence and foreign policy of African countries: what place for Africa in the war of intelligent technologies of tomorrow?", directed by Philippe DURANCE

  • PELAPRAT-MICHELIN Emilie, "Public innovation and entrepreneurial logic in the social sector of local authorities", directed by Madina RIVAL and Anne-Françoise BENDER

  • PETRARCA Angélina, "Can the public service be innovative?", directed by Madina RIVAL

  • PICARD Adrien, "Employment and continuing education in the face of the challenges of automation: an empirical analysis at the level of sectors, companies and employees", directed by Christine ERHEL

  • REY Florent, "The process of legitimization of referent dashboards in the hotel industry", directed by Christophe ESTAY

  • SARDOUK Nour, The role of virtual communities in the formation of trust: a cross-cultural netnographic study between "wellness and beauty" merchant sites", directed by BOURLIATAUX-LAJOINIE Stéphane and PETITPTRE Benoît

  • SENAICI Ab Del Malik, "To what extent does the Balanced Scorecard renew the role of the management controller? A case study of a public institution in charge of implementing health policy in the region", directed by Sandra BERTEZENE

  • SPEISSER Clairelise, "The influence strategies of companies and climate change", directed by Madina RIVAL

  • TAMIM Batoul, "From shared products to the creation of shared values", directed by Stéphane BOURLIATAUX-LAJOINIE and Benoît PETITPRE

  • TONDEUR MINIER Christelle, "The new status of the individual entrepreneur with an affected patrimony: coherence with the different branches of law", directed by Maria-Béatriz SALGADO

  • VOINET Sinclair, "The vectors of the progression of neoliberal ideology from the 1970s onwards; from circles of academic economists to the governments of developed countries with market economies, analysis of a complex path", PhD contract, directed by Sabine JANSEN

  • VOLOUI Anastasiya, "Economic modeling and extended producer responsibility in the environmental and territorial marketing system: transposition of the French model to Belarus", directed by Jean-Marc MACE

  • WAKIM Carla, "Intrapreneurship for the Development of Social Inclusion: Innovation in the Strategic Approach to Financial Inclusion through Banks", directed by Mohamed BAYAD and Sana SAFA

  • ZERBO Sidiki, "Societal responsibility of companies: contribution of methods, techniques and practices of the Supply Chain in the realization of the three-dimensional efficiency (social, environmental and economic) of companies in the West African Sahel, Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger", directed by Christophe ESTAY