Senior Lecturer

Research themes

  • Digital Transformation of Professions
  • Social media
  • Change of practices
  • Future of Work
  • Identity
  • Gender

Professional career of Hélène Bussy-Socrate

Helene Bussy-Socrate

Hélène Bussy-Socrate defended her thesis in management science in 2015 at PSL-Paris Dauphine University. She then joined Warwick Business School for a post-doctorate where she studied technological health innovations in public maternity hospitals. Her research focuses on information systems and organisational behaviour. Between 2018 and 2021, she is leading a scientific project for the Ministry of Solidarity and Health on the collaborative economy and is publishing a detailed report on social protection within incubators. She has been a lecturer at the CNAM since 2024, taking part in Information Systems courses at Intec (EPN 10) and in the P&O research area at Lirsa.

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