Public Policy, Economics and Markets

Team leaders: Lionel Almeida and Laurence Hartmann

Public Policy, Economics and Markets is a research team of Lirsa that brings together lecturers and researchers in economics, finance and public management. They all have a common interest for public policy design and evaluation.

Their research topics include : labour issues, health economics, and financial regulation, with various methodological approaches such as econometrics, behavioural studies or theoretical approaches.


Its teacher-researchers and doctoral students are economists, econometricians or managers, specializing in the management of public organizations, labor economics, health economics, financial economics and theoretical economics. The team includes members of the Center for Employment and Labor Studies (CEET).

Research themes

  • Regulation and risk management

This theme brings together the various issues of market and corporate finance. It integrates work on standards and governance tools for financial institutions and markets, including studies on the regulation of financial innovations (fintech), high frequency trading and the effective role of the financial sphere in financing the economy. The work on this theme is associated with that of the Laboratoire d’excellence Régulation financière (Labex Refi).

  • Economics of public policies and public management

This theme considers the mechanisms of design and evaluation of public policies from specific angles (models, representations, interactions between public and private actors, etc.) and/or in certain domains (work, training, health, innovation, etc.). It also integrates research in public management (management tools and public organizations, epistemological reflections, public innovation, etc.), as well as theoretical problems of collective decision making (properties of voting procedures and modes of delegation, measures of representativeness, strategic behaviors of actors, etc.).

  • Organizational change, public policy, work and employment

This theme brings together the work carried out by the team members attached to the transverse program of The Employment and Labour Research Centre (CEET) of the Cnam. This work focuses on the impact of employment policies on the functioning of the labor market, on their beneficiaries and on firms. It also focuses on the quality of employment and its dynamics, in international comparison and for the French case. Finally, this research analyzes management methods, collective regulations and organizational transformations, in relation to changes in work and technology. The relationship between the performance of companies and organizations and the quality of life at work is studied in particular.

The members


Members of the team

ALMEIDA Lionel - Senior Lecturer


COLLOMB Alexis - Cnam Professor & Director of the Economics, Finance, Insurance and Banking team - HDR

DARRIET Elisa - Senior Lecturer

DE LA MARDIÈRE Christophe - Cnam Professor - HDR

DESVILLES Gilles - Senior Lecturer

DJEMBISSI KAMSU Bertrand - Senior Lecturer

DUHAUTOIS Richard - Permanent researcher

DRUT Bastien - Cnam Professor

ERHEL Christine - Cnam Professor - HDR

GREENAN Nathalie - University Professor - HDR

HAMON-CHOLET Sylvie - Research Engineer

HARTMANN Laurence - Senior Lecturer

JANSEN Sabine - University Professor - HDR

JEAN Sébastien - University Professor - HDR

KARYOTIS Catherine - Associate researcher - HDR

KILANI Karim - Senior Lecturer

LAINÉ Jean - University Professor - HDR

MAILLARD Didier - Professor Emeritus

MEDJAD Karim - Cnam Professor - HDR

MKAOUAR Farid - Senior Lecturer

MOFAKHAMI Malo - Research Associate

NAPOLITANO Silvia - Research Officer

NARCY Mathieu - Senior Lecturer

PETIT Héloïse - University Professor - HDR

PEZON Christelle - Senior Lecturer

REBIÈRE Thérèse - Senior Lecturer - HDR

SAINT-ÉTIENNE Christian - Cnam Professor - HDR

SEGHIR Majda - Post-Doc

TRAINAR Philippe - Cnam Professor - HDR

VERYZHENKO-LEBŒUF Iryna - Senior Lecturer

ZOUARI Miriam - Senior Lecturer

News & upcoming events of the team

The team organizes a series of regular seminars, conferences and workshops.

  • Public Policy and Management Seminar,
    organized monthly, in which the laboratory's doctoral students and researchers present their work and current projects. Depending on the themes chosen, the seminar also invites external researchers.
  • Transversal seminar of the Center for Employment and Labor Studies (CEET),
    This seminar, organized every two months, is intended for members of the CEET transverse program and its affiliated laboratories (Lirsa, Lise, CRTD). It encourages cross-views (of methods, levels of analysis and disciplines) on the same theme.
  • Conferences and seminars in partnership with the Labex Refi
  • Workshop Blockchain perspectives : Theory & Practice

Upcoming events

Links with teaching

The members of the Poem team are mainly attached to the national teaching teams of economics, finance, insurance, banking, and innovation at the Cnam. The research activities of its members benefit the following Master's degrees:

  • Economy
  • Finance
  • Management and international trade
  • Innovation, business and society
  • Actuarial Science
  • Insurance Management