Marie-Catherine PAQUIER

Associate researcher

Research themes

  • Monastic Ecosystem
  • Shopping experience and spirituality
  • Innovation and collective intelligence
  • Storytelling, silence and communication
  • Retail and CSR
  • Consumption in places of mobility and transit

Professional career of Marie-Catherine Paquier

MCPAfter a Master's degree in Management Sciences from Paris IX Dauphine in 1986, MC Paquier worked in sales and marketing in the service sector for 10 years before becoming a teacher in management and marketing. After several years of teaching in Grandes Ecoles de Commerce, MC Paquier wanted to enhance her experience and strengthen her academic skills. To this end, she obtained a Master's degree in Research at the CNAM in 2011, then defended her PhD thesis in 2015 at the LIRSA CNAM-Paris under the direction of Professor Morin-Delerm. Her expertise focuses on the commercial and marketing activities of monasteries, as well as on their innovation practices. She has recently expanded her research to the CSR of retailers, as well as to the phenomenon of commercial transformation of initially non-market places such as spiritual, cultural and transit places.

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