Research themes

  • urban cycling
  • repair, maintenance, studies
  • materialities and mobilities
  • gender and mobilities

Professional career of Margot Abord de Chatillon

Margot Abord de Chatillon is an ATER at the Cnam and a member of Lirsa. She is currently writing her thesis in urban planning and sociology of mobilities, undertaken at the Laboratoire aménagement économie transports (LAET) in 2017. She previously graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a research master's degree in urban studies. Agrégée in economics and management, she also holds a degree in economics and management from the Ecole normale supérieure de Paris-Saclay. Her thesis focuses on mechanical cycling practices and the relationship to the bicycle as an object in urban cycling, with a comparative approach between the cities of Lyon (France) and Melbourne (Australia).

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