Professor of Cnam

Research themes

  • Ecological mutations and sustainable development of the cultural sector
  • Art and public space
  • Museums: evolution of missions and governance
  • Socio-economic position of artists

Professional career of Lucie Marinier

Marinier L

Lucie Marinier is a graduate of the IEP in Lyon, holds a master's degree from Sciences Po Paris in sociology of organizations, and a master's degree from Lyon II in management of cultural projects and institutions. For the City of Paris, she was in charge of the reform of artistic education and amateur practices, and then of the office of performing arts. She was also advisor for culture in the cabinet of the mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, general secretary of the museum of modern art and co-director of the Carreau du Temple. Also for Paris, she set up and animated the prospective, innovation and art in the public space pole of the cultural affairs department and directed the Embellir Paris project call. She was an associate professor at the University of Paris I - Sorbonne School of Arts within the Masters in Art in the Public Space, Arts and Culture Management and Exhibition Science and Techniques where she continues to intervene. On October 1, 2021, she was appointed professor at the CNAM, holding the chair of engineering of culture and creation.

She joined the LIRSA laboratory in the spring of 2022, working on research themes related to ecological mutations and sustainable development of the cultural sector, art and public space, the evolution of the missions and governance of museums and the socio-economic position of artists.

Crédit photo : Margot L’Hermitte

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