Senior Lecturer

Research themes

  • Sustainable development, fair trade
  • Strategy, organizational transformation and anticipation

Professional career of Anne Marchais-Roubelat

AMRAnne Marchais-Roubelat is a senior lecturer in organization and strategy, responsible for the master's degree in Organizations and Transitions to Sustainable Development (OTDD) at the CNAM.

She has published two books on decision and action processes: La décision. Figures, symbols and myths, Aport éditions, 2012, and De la décision à l'actions. Essaie de stratégie et tactique, Bibliothèque stratégique, Economica 2000.

She has been a scientific advisor for the Ministry of Defense, an expert for the General Council of Cher, a member of the steering committee of the study "Adaptations to climate change in France. Study on the mobilization of economic sectors", Ministry of Ecological Transition, 2020-2021. She is a member of the editorial board of the journal Flux, a HCERES classified journal in geography-planning-urbanism and of the editorial board of the journal Prospective et Stratégie, published on

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