Vincent PACINI

Associate Professor

Research themes

  • Relationship between foresight and organizational learning
  • Links between anticipation and action
  • Evolution of anticipation and foresight practices in the territories
  • New tools of observation and anticipation to observe the dynamics of development of territorial dynamics

Professional career of Vincent Pacini

Vincent Pacini is a researcher - entrepreneur - consultant. With a multidisciplinary background, he has a PhD and DEA in economics, a postgraduate degree in human resources management, a B and C cycle in organizational foresight and strategy, a master's degree in geography, and a master's degree in training engineering. He is an associate professor at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Paris). He is involved in several projects: GERPA (foresight towards action), SIX (development of training-action), HYCO (development of the mia application), The observatory of territorial impacts of the crisis.

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