Research themes

  • Public procurement of innovation
  • Collaborative innovation in procurement
  • Sustainable procurement
  • The role of procurement in the eco-design of products

Professional career of Sarrah Chraibi

CHRAIBI S Sarrah CHRAIBI graduated with a PhD in management sciences from Bretagne Loire University in 2017. She previously obtained a Master's degree in Logistics and Strategy at CRET-LOT in Aix-Marseille University. She worked as a researcher in Procurement at RFF then at SNCF Réseau within a CIFRE, then as Manager of the Finance, Administration and Projects Division and teacher-researcher at GIP Campus ESPRIT Industries and temporary teacher at the Catholic University of the West. She joined Le Cnam in 2021 as a researcher and a member of Lirsa. She currently works on research themes related to procurement of innovation and the role of procurement in sustainable development.

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