About Lirsa

Lirsa is an interdisciplinary research laboratory in action-oriented sciences. The laboratory is part of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Le Cnam) and is located in the heart of Paris. It covers a broad spectrum of research subjects and methodologies about organized, purposeful and evaluated action.

Lirsa was created in 2011 and stems from the gathering of several research centers in management, accounting and economics, which were created earlier at Le Cnam beginning in the 1940s. The laboratory also includes law studies and other fields of research that contribute to the understanding of public and private organizations.

The laboratory comprises about 120 researchers and 80 PhD students, and is structured around three research teams and one related interdisciplinary project.


The three research teams are :

The interdisciplinary project related to three research units is :

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HAL Open access archives :

Academic and scholarly publications of Lirsa members are deposited in a dedicated collection of the open archive HAL.

They can be consulted by author, by type of document, or by date of publication.