François MEUNIER

Associate Professor

Research themes

  • Assistance to the project owner
  • Urban programming
  • Architectural programming
  • Citizen participation (in spatial planning)
  • Public policies (and spatial planning)
  • Project methods (in spatial planning)
  • Human resources for urban projects

Professional career of François Meunier


François Meunier is the director of attitudes urbaines, an urban, architectural and public space programming agency, and co-founder of aptitudes urbaines, a private department for continuing education and dissemination in urban programming.

He is also an associate professor at the CNAM in the EPN "planning and development of territories".

Expert member of the ANRU, Member of the EcoQuartier scientific council
Member of CINOV, ACAD, Rêve de Scène Urbaine, Cap Digital

François Meunier works on a variety of themes that have led him to practice at different scales (from the development of public spaces to administrative and tertiary equipment programs through urban projects), in various and extensive contexts of production of the living environment and the built environment. Thus, either very upstream or very downstream of the projects, he conceives his job at the crossroads of strategic, technical and operational issues of the projects and is a knowledgeable mediator of the concerns of each stakeholder.

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