Associate Professor

Research themes

  • Local finances and taxation
  • Local authorities, Inter-municipalities
  • Organization of local public services

Professional career of Claire Delpech


Claire Delpech is a geographer and urban planner who graduated from the Institut d'urbanisme de Paris and has been an expert in local finance for over twenty years. She is a finance advisor at Intercommunalités de France (Assembly of French Communities - AdCF) and as such has developed an in-depth expertise in local development and its financing.

She is the founder and general delegate of the Local Finance Research Network (Réseau de recherche en finances locales - FiL) and leads several research programs on the topic of local governments.

As an associate professor at CNAM, she works on public finance and local public management. She is interested in the institutional and financial organization of local governments, municipalities and inter-municipalities, and the financing of local public services.

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