Adeline HEITZ

Research themes

  • Urban planning, geography, public policies, urban design
  • Transport, mobility, urban freight, urban logistics
  • Logistics real estate, stakeholders, urban governance

Professional career of Adeline HEITZ

Adeline Heitz graduated from Pantheon-Sorbonne University and defended her thesis in urban planning and geography at Paris East University in 2017. She joined Le Cnam in 2019 as an assistant professor and is in charge of the graduate program in logistics and transport. She was previously a post-doctorate researcher at IFSTTAR. She is a member of Lirsa and currently works on urban logistics, urban freight and productive activities in metro areas.

Selection of important or recent publications

  • Heitz A., Launay P., Beziat A., (2019) Heterogeneity of Logistics Facilities: An Issue for a Better Understanding and Planning of the Location of Logistics Facilities, European Transport Research Review, 11:5, [En ligne]
  • Heitz A., Dablanc L., Olsson J., Sanchez-Diaz I., Woxenius J., (2018) Spatial patterns of logistics facilities in Gothenburg, Sweden, Journal of Transport Geography, in press
  • Sakai T, Beziat A, Heitz A, Dablanc, (2018) Testing “the freight landscape” concept for Paris, Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Vol 2672, Issue 9-2018
  • Debrie J. Heitz A., (2017) La question logistique dans l’aménagement de l’Ile-de-France : formulation d’un enjeu métropolitain vs. absence de concrétisation dans les projets urbains ? Géographie, Economie et Société, vol 19/1, p55-74.
  • Heitz A., Dablanc L., Tavasszy, L. (2017) Logistics sprawl in monocentric and polycentric metropolitan areas: The cases of Paris, France, and the Randstad, the Netherlands” European Regional Science Association, Region, vol 4/1, p93-107
  • Heitz A., Launay P., Beziat A., (2017) Rethinking data collection on logistics facilities: a new approach for measuring the location of warehouses and terminals in metropolitan areas, Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2609, Freight systems vol 1