Research themes

  • Job quality and innovation
  • Gender inequalities on the labour market
  • Public policies
  • European comparisons
  • Labour market indicators

Professional career of Mathilde GUERGOAT-LARIVIERE

Mathilde Guergoat-Larivière graduated in 2011 with a PhD in economics from University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. She joined le Cnam in 2013 and is now an Associate Professor in Economics in Economics. She is a member of LIRSA and CEET (Center for Studies on Employment and Work) and is in charge of the Master program in Economics.

She has been working on the issue of job quality and gender equality from a European comparative perspective for more than ten years. Her research focuses in particular on the role of public policies and monitoring through indicators. She is also interested in the impact of innovation on employment and work and participates to European projects on that topic: QuInnE project (Quality of Jobs and Innovation generated Employment outcomes: and BEYOND 4.0 project ( both funded by the European Commission.

She coordinates a seminar at CEET (Center for Studies on Employment and Work) and is a member of the board of the French journal Socio-Economie du Travail.

Selection of important or recent publications

  • Duhautois R., Erhel C., Guergoat-Larivière M., Mofakhami M., Obersneider M., Postels D., Anton J.I., Muñoz de Bustillo R., Pinto F. (2018), "The effect of innovation on employment and job quality at the firm level: evidence from France, Germany and Spain", Quinne project working paper,

  • Duhautois R., Erhel C., Guergoat-Larivière M. (2018), “State dependence and labor market transitions in the European Union”, Annals of Economics and Statistics, No. 131, September, pp. 59-82

  • Greulich A., Guergoat-Larivière M., Thévenon O. (2016), "Securing women’s employment: A fertility booster in European countries?", Document de travail du Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne, No.2016.24.

  • Erhel C., Guergoat-Larivière M. (2013), “Labour market regimes, family policies and women’s behaviour in the EU”, Feminist Economics, Vol.19(4), pp. 76-109.

  • Davoine L., Erhel C., Guergoat-Larivière M. (2008), “Monitoring quality in work: European Employment Strategy indicators and beyond”, International Labour Review, No. 147, 2-3, pp.163-198.

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