Research themes

  • Managing standards and norms
  • Socio-economic approach of management
  • Epistemology and methodology of intervention-research

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Professional career of Laurent CAPPELLETTI

Laurent Cappelletti is master graduate in finance from EDHEC Business School and holds a Ph.D. in management sciences from the University of Lyon (France). He began his career as a financial auditor for KPMG and then he was assistant professor at the university of Lyon. Since 2011, he is chair professor in accounting and management control at the French Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (Le Cnam, Paris) where he heads both the master program in accounting, auditing and management control and the College of Chairs. He is also researcher at the LIRSA laboratory of research, director of intervention-research programs at ISEOR research center and coordinator of the Tetranormalization international research network. He has made more than 200 publications in his fields including 11 books (his last one is: Intervention-Research. From Conceptualization to Publication, IAP (USA), 2018) and thirty articles in ranked academic journals including Comptabilité-Contrôle-Audit, Management Accounting Quaterly, Action Research. He was twice awarded best paper by the Academy of Management (USA) during its annual meeting. He is also co-editor in chief of both Recherches en Sciences de Gestion–Management Sciences–Ciencias de Gestión Journal (RSDG) and Audit, Comptabilité, Contrôle, Recherches Appliquée Journal (ACCRA).

Selection of important or recent publications

  • Cappelletti, L. (2019). Inflation normative : quel management dans les entreprises et les organisations pour y faire face ? Introduction du cahier spécial éponyme au titre de coordonnateur, Revue Management et Avenir, 110 : 103-107.
  • Buono, A., Savall, H., Cappelletti, L. (Eds) (2018). Intervention-research: From conceptualization to publication (publié également en français La recherche-intervention dans les entreprises et les organisations), Charlotte : Information Age Publishing, ouvrage labellisé par le collège de la FNEGE.
  • Cappelletti, L., Dufour, N. (2016). Implementing a Well-Suited Management Control System in Professional Services Firms, Recherches en Sciences de Gestion–Management Sciences–Ciencias de Gestion, 117 : 53-86.
  • Cappelletti, L., Baker, R.C. (2010). Measuring and developing human capital through a pragmatic action research: a French case study, Action Research, 8(2): 211-232.
  • Cappelletti, L. (2005). Designing and processing a socio-economic management control », in K. Mark Weaver (Ed.), Academy Of Management Best Paper Proceedings (A1-A6). Pace, NY: Academy of Management.