Christophe ESTAY

Research themes

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategy
  • Management

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Professional career of Christophe ESTAY

Christophe Estay is a Professor at EM Normandie (France). He is a member of the LIRSA (CNAM, Paris), a research center focused on Strategy & Management. Principally in the field of Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership, his teaching is based on his own professional experience as a consultant and his recent research projects. In conjunction with this, he has published articles in different journals (Journal of Business Ethics, Finance Research Letters, Strategic Change, etc.). Over the last decade, he has developed a large professional and academic network in the world, especially in the USA and in Africa.

Selection of important or recent publications

  • Journal of Business Ethics : « How and when compulsory citizenship behavior leads to employee silence: A moderated mediation model based on moral disengagement and supervisor-subordinate guanxi views » (with H. Peixu, P. Zhenglong, Z. Hongdan, C. Lakshman). 15, 1, 2019, 259–274.
  • Chinese Management Studies : « How Destructive Leadership Influences Compulsory organizational citizenship behavior », 12, 2, 2018, 453-468 (with M. Wu & Z. Peng).
  • Finance Research Letters : « Economic Policy Uncertainty and Stock Markets: Long-Run Evidence from the US », 18, 2016, 136-141 (with C. Rault, M. Arouri, D. Roubaud).
  • International Journal of Cross Cultural Management : « Attributional Complexity and Leadership: Test of a process Model in France and India », 16, 2016, 53-76 (with C. Lackshman).
  • Strategic Change : « Alternative finance for micro-enterprises: A foundation for sustainable development or just humanitarian aid? », 24, 1, 2015, 33–47 (with S.V. Gandja & J.P. Tchankam). FNEGE rang 3. CNRS rang 3.